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1. From Cape Town International Airport you will notice registered Authorized Taxi Personnel. Take their Taxis. DO not entertain independent freelance personal.

2. Approx Cost of a Taxi from Cape Town Airport to Town, is 280R-350R

3. If Staying in a
South AFrica Villa, ensure you have been informed how to use the Alarm System, and use it! Avoid leaving doors unlocked.

4. Keep all valuables, eg Passports, Cash, in the Safe.

5. Avoid walking around at night, unless you are in a well lit area, eg Long Street,
Waterfront. Rather take an authorized Taxi to your destination. We recommend Marine Taxis

The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront
Cape Town, South Africa
6. When seated in a Bars and Restaurants in Cape Town do not hang your bag over the chair. Rather leave your bag on your lap, as Pick pocketers are known to take advantage if Bags are left hanging around.

7. It Is customary to Tip Restaurant/ Bar Staff. Usually 10-15% of the Bill. For tables in a restaurant of 6 people or more,
a 10% service charge is automatically added.

8. Be Aware when using ATM’s. The Same applies all around the World. Try to find an ATM in a Well Lit area or Petrol Station Indoors. Do Not let Anyone assist you. More than likely it’s a scam.

9. Do not wear Flashy Jewelry at Night. This only attracts trouble. Rather leave your Diamond Ring, or Gold Chains in
your Villa for the evening.
10. Beggars in Cape Town are usually harmless, however there are many around especially at Traffic Intersections. If you wish to give them something rather offer a loaf of bread or Food, as many of the Street Children are on some form of drug or another. You will also notice Homeless People , known as “Bergies” . They too are usually harmless, however do not entertain discussion as they are brilliant story tellers and typically becomes irritating.
Climbing Table Mountain always go with a Partner, and inform a friend. There has been many accidents so please get professional advice before attempting to climb Table Mountain.

11. If You
Rent a Car in Cape Town, Always Lock your vehicle, no matter where you are. Never leave any Visible Valuable including a Cell Phone in the Car.Thieves will break in even if they see a Rand 20 Note, or loose change. Keep it covered, or remove items.

12. When Staying in a
Villa in Cape Town enter the Local Security Company’s Number in your Phone. Most Companies offer an escort from the last Kilometer Back to your Villa. Its worthwhile especially if its very late at night.
 13. Please note that the Sea Temperature in Camps Bay Beach and Clifton Beaches are very chilly. Do not
 underestimate the Heat.Always Take Bottled water with you to any Beach and keep an eye on the Kids as the water
 is very cold.

            Bantry Bay, Cape Town
14. And Always Remember if its Too Good to be True, It probably Isn't! 
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Safety Tips on Travelling in Cape Town Click Here
Camps Bay Police Station on Victoria Road, Camps Bay 8005

Cape Town Medi Clinic Private Hospital situated just 3 Kilometers from Camps Bay and Clifton.
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