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Enigma Mansion Camps Bay

Enigma Mansion, Camps Bay.

Cape Town’s grandest and palatial mansion occupies more than 7000 sqm of the most prestigious residential area on the entire Atlantic seaboard.

The Enigma is located in a triangle between 3 streets in the heart of the Glen.

The Glen is the part between Camps Bay and Clifton which is secluded and sheltered from the winds which in the summe  Read More........
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   Detailed Description
Enigma Mansion, Camps Bay.

Cape Town’s grandest and palatial mansion occupies more than 7000 sqm of the most prestigious residential area on the entire Atlantic seaboard.

The Enigma is located in a triangle between 3 streets in the heart of the Glen.

The Glen is the part between Camps Bay and Clifton which is secluded and sheltered from the winds which in the summer and especially high season can be very strong.

The property is just 50 meters away from the Table Mountain Park and is adjoining to nature reserve on 2 other boundaries.

It has its own little stream, 6000 sqm of park and gardens with waterways, ponds and unobstructed views of Cape Town’s famous landmarks: The Lions Head, Table Mountain, The Twelve Apostles and The Atlantic Ocean.

At the border of the most tranquil residential area in Camps Bay the Enigma enjoys complete peace and quiet while only 3 minutes away from the buzzing Cafes and Restaurants on Camps Bay and Clifton Beaches.

While the largest properties on this most expensive area of Cape Town are usually not more than 1000 sqm the Enigma Mansion stands gracefully on land much larger than any other residence.

4 different plots have been purchased over the years and existing villas had been taken down to be create the space for the residence and its extensive gardens.


The main residence stretches over 1586 sqm (Basement 627 sqm, Ground Floor 638 sqm, First Floor 321 sqm).

The studio at the west bottom of the property with its own separate street access has a living space of 264 sqm (Ground Floor 158 sqm, First Floor 106 sqm).

The staff quarters hidden into the mountain on the south border of the property with its own separate street access has a living space of 46 sqm.

The extraordinary attention to detail in the Enigma Mansion creates a true luxury experience on a level unsurpassed in Cape Town and most likely in South Africa.

Only comparable to grand private residences in South of France, Long Island or Beverly Hills, Enigma provides an eclectic mix of palatial living with luxurious plush furniture and substantial values spent in every detail of the residence.

The style of the Enigma Mansion can be best described as an eclectic palatial mixture of a Georgian Colonial residence and French Country Estate with many features of Louis XIV.

Hotel “Costes “ in Paris which since 10 years now is the most sought after hotel for the rich and famous from all over the world has been the inspiration of the Enigma Mansion.

The most exquisite fabrics from Italy and France for curtains and wall fabrics, rugs from all parts of the world, hand printed wall papers from Zuber in Paris combined with the most unique furniture collected from all around the world.

All woodwork, the doors , windows , cornices have been handcarved in Bali while marble inlays have been crafted for over 3 years in India.

All wood floors and cornices are made from antique wood in Indonesia and outside columns on the terrace of the mansion are hundreds of years old and come from an indian palace.

The love to detail and no expense avoided resulted in hinges and door handles to be hand produced and gilded in Argentina by one of the last existing companies in the world being able to reproduce Louis IV or Imperial style handles and hinges.

All chandeliers and wall lamps are either antique or handmade pieces and they all are one of a kind.

But that's not all, shades for the whole of this floor – table – and wall lamps as well as the chandeliers have been made to order by an artist in California and these shades are again true pieces of art in itself.

They create a light of magic all over the residence especially if combined with the light mood settings chosen via the iPad.

Stone walls have been covered with an ancient technique from morocco which is similar to venetian stucco and being so work intensive it can rarely be seen anywhere in the world today.

Enigma Mansion has chosen it as it gives the closest feeling to hundred year old ancient marble walls while just being completed.

The carpets in the house are the most exquisite Persian Tabriz acquired from ESSIE in London who is considered the world's leading carpet expert.

The residence’s 3 fireplaces originate from old English castles, the columns in the lobbies and stair halls are from Indian palaces, the surrounds in the movie theatre come from a Moroccan palace and even the kitchen islands have been imported from France to achieve the special ambience only an original can deliver.

Luxury combined with impeccable taste have created this one of a kind property which is unsurpassed in this part of the world.

The graceful statue in the West lobby on the ground floor is an extremely fine and beautiful Classical white Carrara marble statue of THE GREEK SLAVE by Scipione Tadolini (Rome, 1860) portraying a life size figure of a female slave wearing a necklace inscribed in Greece “elpis” (hope) and on her bracelet “pistotes” (fidelity), a turban headdress and drapery around one shoulder continuing across her back and loins and falling over a pedestal under which are chains.

This is most likely the most beautiful piece of art of its kind.

The 3D Cinema is another example of how effortless style, luxury and extreme comfort have been combined all in one property.

Only on the music/electronic system which is fully integrated in every room of the house more than 10 Million Rand has been spent to give you an experience of your sense like never before.

7 years of planning and building went into the property with the idea in mind to provide the most unique experience of style and luxury in a setting of un-comparable beauty.

Whoever has the ability to afford and to be able to experience this property will agree that there is nothing the Enigma Mansion can be compared to.

The Enigma Mansion has any possible luxury feature and includes even its own huge Cinema as well as a sound and video system in the entire residence which is unsurpassed in South Africa.

The Enigma Mansion has designated the entire basement of the mansion for entertainment: 75 square meter Fantasy Movie theater with 3 D Projection system, access to 5000 individual movies via the most advanced Video library system (Called Kaleidascape) and the most advance Dolby Surround System.

The cinema and the 3D / 21:9 CINEMA Screens in all bed and most other rooms are just one of the features the Enigma Mansion offers.

Others are:

Moroccan style Massage rooms, a Wine cellar ( to be fitted ), Sauna, Gym with TV, Gymnastic and dance, room with TV and dolby surround system, Anteroom for relaxation, Music Room, Most luxurious outside pool, Tea temple, Massage Temple, Artists Atelier, Tropical natural Pond, 6000 sqm Park and gardens, Al fresco Dining on the Dining Room Terrace, Afternoon tea on the South or West terrace underneath the indian columns.

The Enigma Mansion has used the latest available technology and available software as well as customized programming to ensure the use of all technology in the entire property is effortless and easy while 100% reliable.

It took 2 years of planning, testing and reprogramming to bring the system into its final current state.

The key for all controls is the iPad which is recessed into the wall of each major room and which can be released from its docking station by the push of a button and then used at any point in the same room.

The iPad can be used for the following functions:

Control of all lights in the same room by selecting 5 different mood settings.
Control of animations in the same room.
Selecting and control of music to play from 4 different servers and 100 000's of titles, artists and playlists.
Operating the TV in the same room and control the functions of selecting.
a) DSTV satellite channels.
b) Apple TV.
c) Kaleidescape Movie Server with 1000 s of stored movies and TV series (most famous TV series contain all episodes of all seasons).
d) Blu Ray 3D Players in the same room.
e) iPod (Guests personal iPod to be plugged in the same room and played via the music system.
f) Music visualization Images – a computer program which transforms the selected music into millions of colours and animations on the screen in all rooms of the residence.
g) Opening and closing of Cinema screen curtains or other functions for specific TVs like the motorise lifting of TVs screen into the ceiling of a room etc.

Activating and controlling AC in the same room.
Activating and controlling Under Floor Heating in the same Room.
Activating Gas fire places.
Shut down security shutters in Panic Room to close off master bed room suite from any outside access.

Some iPad’s in key areas like entrance hall or Master bedroom can perform the following functions in addition:

Activating and monitoring the Alarm system.
Monitoring 36 security cameras throughout the entire property.
Controlling the light mood settings of entire floors or entire house.
Controlling the music and video playing on entire floor or entire house.
Control music and light for all outside areas including pool.
iPad’s in key areas are programmed to make pre assigned light. mood settings available throughout the entire house.
These settings can easily be chosen by selecting areas and moods and then on the push of a button all lamps in the chosen area ( up to the entire house including all outside areas) go into this lighting mood.

Home Automation

Some global mood settings also include the automatic switching on of fireplaces in certain rooms, activation of water features at the pool or illumination and activating of the fountains at the courtyard, as well as switching on of animations( from a famous French artists which had been built and recessed into the walls in the basement and the ground floors ), automatic opening of the cinema's curtains or releasing TVs which are build into the ceiling of rooms.

Music and Video pre-assigned settings can be accessed via one button on the iPad in each room but for the entire residence it can only be done from selected iPad's so that these functions are no accessed by error from a guestroom.

It is for example possible to play the chosen playlist in all rooms in the entire house and activate at the same time all TVs in the entire house to play the visualization programs.

All these functions are just as far away as the nearest master iPad and it makes living extremely easy and convenient.

It is also very easy to shut off all lights and music in and around the entire house.

From one of the iPad's which are in key areas like master bedroom or Entrance Hall the function to shut off all lights and electronics in the entire house is available.

Enigma Mansion has chosen a CISCO network designed for much bigger complexes and has spent substantial amount of time and money to design a system that guarantees the smooth operation of the residence and all internet connected activities throughout the property.

Needless to say that WIFI with the highest possible speed in South Africa is available in all rooms but also all parts of the outside areas of the property.

For film and photo shoots special power access is available on each floor of the residence.

There is a electronic DO NOT DISTURB button and MAKE UP THE ROOM button at each bed room.

This system is connected to the staff and kitchen area for immediate attention and also is visualized on the outside of each suite for complete privacy.

All phones have a DO NOT DISTURB BUTTON disabling any calls to the room when this button is pressed.

Intercoms in all rooms can be disabled from ringing to not accept any disturbance from visitors.

The property's 9 full time staff is trained to be invisible and to only operate in areas which are not used by the guest.

All of them are deeply honest and hard working people and there is no risk of any theft by employees.

The manager is always available either over the house system or his cell phone in order to ensure 100 % privacy at all times according to the wishes of the guest.
   Further Information

There are electronic safes in each guest bedroom.36 cameras are monitoring the entire property at all times as well as the major rooms in the residence.

For privacy there are no cameras in the guest bedrooms 2 and 3, while cameras in the master bed room and guest bedroom - which is adjoining to the master bedroom and can be used as children's room-can be fully disabled by the guest.

All operating cameras are recording to a secure storage facility 24 hours a day and store these recordings for months or until it is requested to delete them.

Any alarm triggered by the electric fence or outside beams results for all inside and outside lights in the residence to go on for 30 minutes and for armed guards from ADT to show up within 2 minutes.

Panic buttons in each room are directly connected to immediate armed response with ADT Security.

16 security guards are patrolling 24 hours a day the triangle of 3 streets in which the Enigma Mansion is located in the middle.

A security guard passes the premises every 15 minutes and is activating a contact to ensure that no patrol is missed.

In the Master suite pressing of a panic button not only alarms ADT but also shuts down all access points to the Master suite with metal shutters so that nobody from the outside is able to enter this "PANIC ROOM ".

In addition there is a security house on the property which has access to all video cameras on the property if additional security would be wanted or if the guests bring their own security team.

Features Overview:

•7,000m2 of lush gardens, lawns, herb and vegetable gardens, rose garden, waterways and ponds (caution required for young children)

•Ample underground parking for 7 cars and courtyard parking for up to 10 cars (main house); additional double garage for the studio/guest house.

•Olympic-sized Versace-style pool
•Indoor-outdoor entertainment systems;
•Mirrored TV's in bathrooms;
•State-of-the-art media room with Apple Mac, scanner, fax, printer, Loewe TV, Blu-Ray, CD player and i-Pods, Kaleidescape Movieserver with access to 1000 s of Movies and TV series;
•World's largest Panasonic TV in living room;
•100m2 3D Cinema room;
•Superfast CISCO WiFi covering entire property;
•Samsung 3D TVs and Blu-Ray in all bedrooms; Loudspeakers in all bedrooms, living areas, pools and temple areas controlled via iPads (100,000 music titles to choose from) & DVD library;
•Lift connecting all floors in main house;
•Mood lighting (i-Pad controlled)
•36 iPad's control all function of the residence ( music,AC,Underfloor heating,light setting in entire house and garden)
•iPad operated Air-conditioning and heating system
•24 CCTV cameras, Electronic fencing, and immediate security response
•Media Room equipped with library, computer, printer, fax and scanner
•Luxury eat-in kitchen with 3D TV
•Gym with TechnoGym equipment;
•Dance Studio;
•Sauna/steam room;
•Massage "Temple"
•Massage room
•Tea house
•9-person staff catering to all guests needs;
•Breakfast, lunch & dinner served by acclaimed Chef Richard Chamberlain;
•Pool menu & afternoon tea;
•24 hour General Manager (formerly with the Mount Nelson Hotel)

   Inclusions and Rate Information
May 1 till June 15
R85 000 excl. Studio
R95 000 incl. Studio

+1 Night free stay for every 6 nights paid rental.

June 16 till December 14
R45 000 excl. Studio
R50 000 incl. Studio

+1 Night free stay for every 6 nights paid rental.

December 15 till January 30
R135 000 excl. Studio
R155 000 incl. Studio

February 1 till April 30
R95 000 excl. Studio
R110 00 incl. Studio

+2 Nights free stay for every 14 nights paid rental.

Minimum rental is 5 days.

Free nights can only be used during the same rental period and may not be discounted from rates.
All rates are plus 14% VAT and are valid for 2013/2014.

Rental rates include all utility and other operational costs as well as service team of 9 staff (including chef
and 24 hour manager/concierge)but excludes cost of food/beverage/telephone and massage costs.

These are billed daily as additional costs based on selected menus/beverages/massages rates and are to be paid by credit card on departure.
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