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Cape Town Weather is probably the most unpredictable weather in the World. Cape Town has 4 Seasons and has very windy days too.

One Day it can be 35 degrees ( Feb& March) and the next day its 19 Degrees with overcast skies. Table Mountain does influence the “micro weather” in Camps Bay .

The Locals in Cape Town have their own Weather Station…. Namely Lions Head overlooking Camps Bay and the Atlantic Seaboard. This is how it works, and you should find this very useful . Should Lions Head be clear, i.e no clouds above or around it, means No rain. Should you see mist, or clouds hovering over the tip of Lions Head, this almost certainly means Rain. Its that Simple! 

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Clifton Beach In Summer

Summer runs from November to March. Average temperatures are in the mid 20's (deg C),Temperatures can reach 35 dc. There is little rain, however the South Easterly Winds can be quite strong during this time.

Groot Constantia in Cape Town during Autumn

Autumn - that's April, and May and sometimes extends to June some years. – Its not too hot, not too cold and usually no wind . Nights can be a bit chilly so always take a Jersey or Jacket in case.      
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A Typical Winter Day In Cape Town

Winter! June, July, & August. In Cape Town it Rains in Winter, something unusual. Storms occur and is very chilly with some clear cool days. Dress Warmly and always carry an Umbrella.

Darling Wild Flowers

Spring... September and October. Absolutely stunning !!, although still a pinch of cold in the air.. Flowers shooting to the Max, lush growth, and beautiful plains.

It's the best time of year for Cape gardens and Flowers. Darling Town in Particular offers an unforgettable Flower Safari and the annual Darling Flower Show It's also the best time for Whale watching in Cape Town and Hermanus.

The following bar chart for Cape Town, South Africa shows the years average weather condition readings covering rain, average maximum daily temperature and average minimum temperature.

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